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Multi-Modal and Inter-Modal transport are same.. or not?


Intermodal – is the movement of cargo from origin to destination by several modes of transport where each of these modes have a different transport provider or entity responsible, each with its own independent contract.. Multiple carriers contracted to fulfill a single journey..           Multimodal – is the movement …

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Advertising and Promotional Tips for freight industry


Advertising and Promotional Opportunities Shipping and Freight Resource is a multi-award-winning website featuring educational articles, news, and executive insights into the shipping and freight industry.. Our content helps millions of readers understand the technicality, the latest developments, and trends in the industry making us one of the most visited shipping and logistics media outlets …

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Freight Tools : Over Wrapped


Over Wrapped Over wrapping is not necessary for some items, but can be a real cost saver in certain situations. Materials used for over wrapping include: cardboard, plastic, canvas, etc. Use this method of packing for items that are not easily damaged or items that cannot be scratched or marred.

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