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Reading documents digitally to save our valuable time

By reading   documents digitally It will save a lot of time compared with doing it manually. Combine it with digital data entering and you have a complete solution for efficient document processing.

Read all type of documents received by email
Most freight forwarders are receiving vast numbers of documents as attachments to emails. Now you can read all email attachments digitally in seconds 24 x 7.

All commonly used file types

Read PDF, Word, Excel, HTML and a number of other file formats. Even scanned images can be read..

Unlimited number of attachments.

Receiving a one-page attachment or a 64-page attachment? It does not really matter, It can handle attachments of all sizes.

Combine with digital data entry

The Digital Document Reading service is ideal to combine with the Digital Data Entry Service. Receiving pre-alerts by email? Read them digitally, and have the shipment data entered automatically into your data system.
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