Friday , September 18 2020

Packaging Guide Contd : Professional assistance


Packaging regulations and customer requirements now frequently demand specialist attention, both in the UK and abroad. If you are in the food or pharmaceutical business your customers will be looking very closely at the health and safety of the packaging you use. Pallets may carry diseases including E Coli. This …

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Pallet sizes


Pallet sizes There is no universal standard, much to the annoyance of freight forwarders and shippers, but there are 6 recognised ISO sizes: 1016 x 1219 mm (40” x 48”) North America 1000 x 1200 mm Europe, Asia (in practice very similar to the North American one) 1165 x 1165 …

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Packaging Guide Contd: Metal packaging


Metal packaging This comprises pallets for specialist uses, including the military, automotive and tyre industries. They represent less than 1% of the market. Standard steel pallets are strong but expensive and heavy, and they rust over time. Aluminium ones are also strong but lighter, and are good for airfreight. Stainless …

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Packaging Guide : Plastic packaging


Plastic packaging   These pallets and boxes are long-lasting, stackable and can easily be made hygienic. Some are made from recycled PET drinks bottles. There are heavy-duty versions for racking use, and lightweight ones that are ideal for airfreight. APME administers a European plastic pallet re-use scheme. The disadvantage is …

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Packaging Guide Contd: International Packaging Regulations


International Packaging Regulations   Wooden packaging Wooden pallets (also packing crates, drums etc.) dominate the worldwide market. Growing trees sustainably for pallet making is environmentally responsible. Wooden pallets get 8 trips on average before being repaired or broken up. The broken ones can form part of new pallets or be …

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Packaging standards for shipping companies


UN Performance packaging standards for shipping companies It is imperative that shipping companies do not forget that there are certain UN performance packaging standards that came into effect in January 1991 and that any shipping company wishing to ship potentially hazardous materials should make sure that they are in compliance …

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Pictorial markings


Pictorial markings Another potential issue that can become apparent during freight shipping is the fact that the cargo may be handled by those who do not speak either the language of the country of origin or destination. It is also a possibility that the cargo may come into contact with …

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Guide for Shipping Mark


In the big business of shipping it is obviously extremely important for those handling cargo to be able to identify what they are dealing with and to take the appropriate measures necessary to ensure safety and ease of transport. In order to make certain that the handlers are able to …

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Pricing of Air Freight


  Pricing of Air Freight Due to the on-cost of carrying any surplus kilos on an aircraft, weight (not volume) is the main basis on which air freight rates are charged. Only if you have an oversized item does size become a key factor in pricing. Air freight forwarders have …

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Multi-Modal and Inter-Modal transport are same.. or not?


Intermodal – is the movement of cargo from origin to destination by several modes of transport where each of these modes have a different transport provider or entity responsible, each with its own independent contract.. Multiple carriers contracted to fulfill a single journey..           Multimodal – is the movement …

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Advertising and Promotional Tips for freight industry


Advertising and Promotional Opportunities Shipping and Freight Resource is a multi-award-winning website featuring educational articles, news, and executive insights into the shipping and freight industry.. Our content helps millions of readers understand the technicality, the latest developments, and trends in the industry making us one of the most visited shipping and logistics media outlets …

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To Understand Import Business process


Since you want to enter into the business of importing, you NEED to know, you HAVE to know, you WANT to know how the whole process works.. 1. Don’t just be content knowing only what happens with your shipment or business, know the whole process.. This way, if something untoward …

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Freight Tools : Over Wrapped


Over Wrapped Over wrapping is not necessary for some items, but can be a real cost saver in certain situations. Materials used for over wrapping include: cardboard, plastic, canvas, etc. Use this method of packing for items that are not easily damaged or items that cannot be scratched or marred.

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What are Crating Services?


  WHAT ARE CRATING SERVICES? Crating services make crates to protect freight while in transit. Crating is considered the best way to protect many types of freight. While some shippers prefer to make their own crates, shippers having valuable goods transported tend to prefer to have their crates made by …

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Last or FinalMile delivery


WHAT IS LAST MILE DELIVERY? Last or FinalMile delivery is the opposite of FirstMile service. Opposite from inspecting or removing goods at pickup, the goods are installed or set up at the time of delivery. The service may also include removal of the packaging and any carries upstairs.

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