Friday , September 18 2020

Bulk Cargo


Bulk Cargo Description / Shipment / Storage Bulk cargo is commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities. This cargo is usually dropped or poured, with a spout or shovel bucket, as a liquid or as a mass of relatively small solids (e.g. grain, coal), into a bulk carrier ship’s hold, …

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Bleaching powder


  Bleaching powder Description A white powder with a strong chlorine odour, shipped in drums. Contamination by inorganic acids, organic substances and other oxidizable materials can bring about rapid decomposition. Localised heating occurs where contacted by the contaminant and where enough heat is evolved to reach the flash point of …

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Expellers and Extractions


Expellers and Extractions Description Expellers and extractions are the residue left after the extraction of oil from oilseeds and oil bearing fruits. Expellers are the residue from processing by the continuous screw process, with an oil content of between 4% and 9%, but sometimes more if old machinery has been …

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Benefits of Liner Shipping : Global Economic Engine


Benefits of Liner Shipping International liner shipping is a sophisticated network of regularly scheduled services that transports goods from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world at low cost and with greater energy efficiency than any other form of international transportation. Global Economic Engine Liner shipping connects countries, …

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Benefits of Liner Shipping : Efficiency


Benefits of Liner Shipping :  Efficiency Liner shipping is the most efficient mode of transportation of goods. In one year, a single large containership could carry over 200,000 container loads of cargo. While individual ships vary in size and carrying capacity, many container ships can transport up to 8,000 containers of …

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Food Logistics is A Growing Business


Food Logistics Shipping food and other perishables can seem like a difficult endeavor, and often requires specialized services to transport deliveries while maintaining the quality of the product. FreightCenter is a recognized provider in the food and beverage market, and is committed to making your shipments both timely and cost-efficient. …

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Logistics Trends for this Year

Logistics Trends for 2018 There is unlikely to be much dispute that the logistics industry has lagged behind many others from a technology perspective. There are specific pockets such as freight forwarding where this has quite dramatically been the case. Whereas the likes of Amazon has pushed product supply chains …

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Reading documents digitally to save our valuable time


By reading   documents digitally It will save a lot of time compared with doing it manually. Combine it with digital data entering and you have a complete solution for efficient document processing. Read all type of documents received by email Most freight forwarders are receiving vast numbers of documents as attachments …

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Digital Data Entry is a huge time saver.

Digital Data Entry is a huge time saver. All data can be entered automatically into almost any system much faster than any person can do it. 24 x 7 x 365. Any system Data can be entered into practically whatever data system you have. In-house or online. The only requirement is …

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How to Select a Freight Forwarder Partner


How to Select a Freight Forwarder Partner You want to select a partner to carry out freight forwarding but you do not know where to start. However what you do know is that if you make the wrong choice and the service you receive is poor, it will impact upon …

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The Power of Big and Bigger Data in Logistics Industries


The Power of Big Data in Logistics Big data is revolutionizing many industries, and logistics is a perfect candidate due to its dynamic and complex nature. There are so many moving parts and opportunities for driving efficiencies such as optimized routing, track and trace, and streamlining factory operations. Big Data …

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What is Freight Forwarders or Consolidators


The freight forwarder— forwarder—is an individual or firm who renders cargo delivery services. In domestic (local) freight forwarding, it is the delivery of goods usually from the exporter’s premises to the local customs in exporting, and vice versa in importing. The customs broker also renders local freight forwarding for exporters …

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TYPES OF REEFER SHIPS   There are three main types of reefer ships based on the types for shipment of perishable goods   Reefer Cargo Ships Traditional ships are intended for carriage of reefer cargoes in bulk. Pure pallet ships are intended for carriage of palletized goods in all cargo …

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World’s Biggest Reefer Ship


World’s Biggest Reefer Ship   HAROPA Reefer Ship : Hamburg-Sud. Haropa Port du Havre (France) Have received the World Biggest Reefer Ship according to a 9,600 TEU containership delivered by Hyundai to the German shipping company Hamburg-Sud.         Among its assets:   500,000 sq./m. of warehousing capacity under …

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Reefer Containers


Reefer Containers Refrigerated Containers which plug in to the electrical system on container ships are also known as reefers. Reefers carry perishable goods in specially ventilated holds to keep the cargo at an evenly cool temperature.

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