Freight Forwarding BPO

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Freight Forwarding BPO

BPO DEFINITION – BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING (BPO) is basically outsourcing some of the non-essential internal business activities and operational process to a contracted third-party service provider thereby transferring responsibilities to perform as per agreement.

In Freight Forwarding & Shipping industry, there are lots of coordination and data entry work required in all business segments like Sea Freight, Air Freight, Transportation, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), Courier products and 3rd party warehousing.

An organization can choose few steps of their process and outsource to a third party thereby front office can continue to focus on primary revenue generating activities. BPO service provider office acts as an extended office of front office who seeks service and perform task as per agreement.

The main objective of outsourcing is to reduce operation cost and improve quality results – A company can gain up to 65% by outsourcing their activities. BPO Service is not just meant for big companies but small and medium size companies also can gain by utilizing the tailor made BPO services according to their requirement.

In Fresa Technologies, there is a separate division providing BPO services exclusively to Freight forwarding & Logistics companies.

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