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Freight Tips

Hazardous Cargo Classes

Hazardous Cargo Classes. Hazard Class 1: Explosives Division 1.1: Explosives with a mass explosion hazard Division 1.2: Explosives with a projection hazard Division 1.3: Explosives with predominantly a fire hazard Division 1.4: Explosives with no significant blast hazard Division 1.5: Very insensitive explosives Division 1.6: Extremely insensitive explosive articles Hazard …

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What is Pre-Carriage, Carriage and On-Carriage?

A simple description would be Pre-Carriage – The movement that happens BEFORE the container is loaded on the ship Carriage – The movement that happens while the container is ON BOARD the ship On-Carriage – The movement that happens AFTER the container is discharged from the ship  To explain further : Pre-Carriage – is the term given to any inland …

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Difference between Commodity and Cargo

Difference between Commodity and Cargo:   Commodity maybe defined as a raw material or product that is traded, such as ores, grain, coffee etc.. Commodity becomes Cargo when it enters the transportation realm.. Cargo is what is transported.. There are several terms associated with Commodity and Cargo.. You may have …

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Consignee and Notify Party – Relationship

Consignee – is a key entity in the shipping chain and is the person or company that is legally allowed to receive the cargo covered in the bill of lading.. Notify – is the name and address details of the person who should be notified of the arrival of the cargo..

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Difference between ICD, On Dock CY and Off Dock CY

ICD, On Dock CY and Off Dock CY are some terms you might have heard during the course of your day to day work.. Here is an explanation of the difference between them.. An Inland Container Depot, abbreviated to ICD is a dry port based in the hinterland of a country (inland area of a …

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5 Tips on How To Choose a Freight Forwarder

1. Make sure the freight forwarder has experience. This could almost be the whole list. Experience, experience, experience. It might be fairly easy to start a freight forwarding company, but the international shipping industry is not the easiest business sector in the world and if you don’t know what you’re …

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Indian Customs Site

In India, to file IGM, CGM, Shipping bill, Bill of entry, you can use the below link The ICEGATE also provide 24X7 helpdesk facility Toll Free No: 1800-3010-1000 Email id:      

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Standard Carrier Alpha Codes ( SCAC) creator link

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC®) is a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies. NMFTA developed the SCAC identification codes in the mid 1960’s to facilitate computerization in the transportation industry.    

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Container Dimensions / Weight

EQUIPMENT INTERIOR DIMENSIONS DOOR OPENING TOP OPENING TARE WEIGHT CUBC CAPACITY PAYLOAD 40′ High cube Container L:12.056m 39′ 6 ½ W:2.347m 7′ 8 ¼ H:2.684m 8′ 5½ W:2.340m 7’8 H:2.585m 8′ 5 ¾ 2,900 kg 6,393 lbs 76.0 cbm. 2,684 cu. ft. 29,600 kg 62,256 lbs. 40′ Dry Container L:12.051m …

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