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Advertising and Promotional Tips for freight industry


Advertising and Promotional Opportunities

Shipping and Freight Resource is a multi-award-winning website featuring educational articles, news, and executive insights into the shipping and freight industry..

Our content helps millions of readers understand the technicality, the latest developments, and trends in the industry making us one of the most visited shipping and logistics media outlets on the internet..

If you have a great product or service and you are trying to get visibility for them then you are definitely in the right place.. We offer several advertising and promotional opportunities for the promotion of your products and services..


Executive Insights Column

  • We feature you and your company in this exciting new column. Your expertise and industry insights are a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader/expert. Our readers will remember your advice when they make purchasing decisions. We feature your analysis, how your business fits in to this industry and how your product/service is shaping the future of this industry.

Banner Ads

  • Banner ads are a great way to promote your products/services and we offer various banner options for you to choose from.. We can offer these on a fixed time basis or impression basis..

Banner and Pinned Content

  • This option includes your banner featured prominently across the top of the website, and your sponsored content pinned to the top of the “articles” page, which is the most visited and updated part of the site..


Banner, Pinned Content with Editorial service

  • This option includes your banner featured prominently across the top of the website, and sponsored content written by Shipping and Freight Resource editorial staff.. Your banner will be pinned to the top of the “articles” page, which is the most visited and updated part of the site..


  • Our highly experienced editorial staff can assist you in creating compelling commercial or native content to promote your products and services through our high volume medium..

Sponsored Posts

  • You could write a compelling post about your product/services which we can publish on our site for a fee or we could write it for you..

Sponsored Weekly Email Newsletter

  • Probably the most popular of all above options.. Reach over 29,000 shipping professionals with our weekly email newsletter that provides nuanced educational articles, executive insights, and news events from the global shipping and freight industry..

There are customers who need your products and services.. If they knew about your products and services, they would want it..

Contact us and let us find these customers for you through our platform..

Advertising is about more than clicks and impressions.. While we guarantee the impressions and page views based on our historical data, we cannot guarantee the number of sales, clicks and conversions because a big part of conversion is how well your product/service is structured and accepted by our readers..

For example, if it’s a sponsored review, usually it depends on how good your product/service is, how much value it adds and how many of our readers find it relevant.. If it’s a banner ad then typically it comes down to how compelling the ad is..

Courtesy:  Hariesh Manaadiar..

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