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Wednesday , September 26 2018

Cork and cork products


Cork and cork products Description Cork is an impermeable, buoyant material, a prime-subset of bark tissue that is harvested for commercial use primarily from Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), which is endemic to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Cork is composed of suberin, a hydrophobic substance, and because of its …

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Coconut (Coir) fibres


Coconut (Coir) fibres Description / Application Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Technically, coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Other uses …

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Cocoa Butter


Cocoa Butter Description Cocoa butter is a semi-solidified oil obtained from Cocoa Beans. Cocoa butter has a high content of saturated fats derived from stearic and palmitic acids. Cocoa butter, unlike cocoa solids, has no more than trace amounts of caffeine and theobromine. The main constituent of cocoa butter is …

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Clays Description / Application Clay is a naturally occurring Aluminium Silicate composed primarily of fine-grained minerals. Clay deposits are mostly composed of clay minerals, a subtype of phyllosilicate minerals, which impart plasticity and harden when fired or dried; they also may contain variable amounts of water trapped in the mineral …

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Citric Acid


Citric Acid Description Citric and lactic acids are produced by fermentation which utilized a carbohydrate source such as corn based starch and sugar beet molasses. Fermentation yields a crude purity product which requires further refining. One refining technique utilities a precipitation process, this process first uses lime to produce calcium …

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Cinnamon Description The cinnamon tree is an evergreen tree with light brown, papery bark and leathery leaves. The tree shows small, yellow-white clusters of flowers in summer, after which oval, purple berries appear. What in America is known as cinnamon is usually Indonesian cassia (a close botanical relative of the …

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Charcoal Description Charcoal is a substance obtained by partial burning or carbonization (destructive distillation) of organic material. It is largely pure carbon. The entry of air during the carbonization process is controlled so that the organic material does not turn to ash, as in a conventional fire, but decomposes to …

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Catechu Description / Application Catechu or cutch, extract from the heartwood of Acacia catechu, a leguminous tree of the pulse family, native to India and Myanmar. Catechu is a fast brown dye used for various shades of brown and olive, including the familiar khaki, and also in tanning. White cutch …

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Cat’s claw : Gambier


Cat’s claw : Gambier   Description Brown or reddish-brown extract from the leaves of Uncaria gambier. Uncaria gambir sarawak, the gambier or gambir, is a species in the genus Uncaria found in sarawak. Gambier is used in sarawak for chewing with areca and betel, for tanning, and for dyeing. It …

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Cassava Root

Cassava roots

Cassava Root Description Cassava, also called yuca, mogo, manioc, mandioca, tapioca and kamoteng kahoy, is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy, tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. It differs from the similarly-spelled yucca, an unrelated fruit-bearing shrub in the Asparagaceae …

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Casein Description Casein is the name for a family of related phosphoproteins. These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow milk and between 20% and 45% of the proteins in human milk. Casein has a wide variety of uses, viz. cheesemaking, plastic …

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Carrageenan (Red Seaweed)


Carrageenan (Red Seaweed) Description Carrageenans or carrageenins are a family of linear sulfated polysaccharides that are extracted from red seaweeds. There are several varieties of carrageen used in cooking and baking. Kappa-carrageenan is used mostly in breading and batter due to its gelling nature. Lambda carrageenan is a non-gelling variety …

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Carnauba Wax


Carnauba Wax Description / Application Carnauba, also called Brazil wax and palm wax, is a hard wax of the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera, a plant native to and grown only in the northeastern Brazilian states of Piauí, Ceará, and Rio Grande do Norte. It is known as “queen …

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Cape Aloes : Aloes


Cape Aloes  : Aloes   Description/application/storage Aloë, is a genus containing about 500 species of flowering succulent plants. The most common and well known of these is Aloe vera, or “true aloe”. Aloe Vera is referred as the ‘Miracle Plant’. From being an antiseptic, anti- inflammatory and a cure for …

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Candelilla Wax


Candelilla Wax Description A hard brown wax, obtained from the plant Pedilanthus pavonis. With a melting point of 68.5–72.5 °C, candelilla wax consists of mainly hydrocarbons (about 50 %, chains with 29–33 carbons), esters of higher molecular weight (20–29 %), free acids (7–9%), and resins (12–14%, mainly triterpenoid esters). The high hydrocarbon …

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